So after many a visit to the Goodman in Piccadilly, we felt it was time to revisit this tried and tested giant of the London steak scene with trip to the City restaurant.

It goes without saying that any visit to a Goodman restaurant is always an exciting prospect. The City restaurant is a grand building on Old Jewry, just off Cheapside, on the site of The Great Synagogue (1272). As you enter you are greeted with a display case full of personalised Laguiole steak knives, which according to our waitress, are awarded to any diners who’ve made in excess of 100 bookings! So that in itself shows dedication to this chain. It has a decent sized bar that was buzzing along at 6pm on this Tuesday evening, with informal booth seats around the bar for a more casual affair as well as the formal dining room. The restaurant isn’t huge, which does help it have that buzzy feeling once it fills up.

Due to the size of our booking we were offered the private dining space at the back of the restaurant which was perfect for us, giving us a little privacy but still getting the atmosphere from the restaurant with the bifold door opened at one end. The private dining space also offers a window into the meat fridge, so you can see the cuts of meat hanging, which to a steak lover is always a tantalisingly impressive site.

As with any trip to Goodman, there is always a well presented walk through the various cuts and the meat on offer from ‘The Cut’ (chalk board) that night. We were instructed the differences between the Galloway (gamey and full flavoured), to the Shorthorn (slightly less gamey than the Galloway), the Angus (more towards the buttery taste associated with USDA with some of the gaminess) and finally the USDA (a rich buttery taste). So having been fully schooled on the meat, it was decision time, which can be a tactical affair. As orders come in across the restaurant, various cuts are removed, so if you have your heart set on something then get in there quickly.

We went for a range of the Galloway Bone in Ribeye, the Angus Porterhouse and the 500g Hereford Ribeye. The sides were the usual fare of truffle chips (sooo good), Josper grilled tomatoes and chimichuri, spinach, mac and cheese and mushrooms. All but the chips are a sideshow to the main event, and if you went for the 750g, then sides may well not be needed.

The meat at Goodman really is a cut above the rest. The Galloway was by far one of the best steaks this reviewer has had. It was cooked to perfection, with a crispy outer coating and a perfect rare pink inside. This is a steak cooked at searingly hot temperatures to get that finish, and it really complimented the rich earthy flavour.

For those who could make room there was a great range of desserts, of which the Honeycomb parfait and banana sorbet, chocolate petit fours and cheese and biscuits were sampled. All of which were delightful!

The experience for us at Goodman has always been excellent and this visit to the City branch did not disappoint. The service was excellent, as was the food and the venue is cosy and atmospheric. Only 99 visits away form a place on the board!

Venue: 8/10
Service: 8.5/10
Steak: 8.7/10

A solid: 8.4/10